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A Harvest Shoot in Pinot Noir Land
Brad No Look.jpg

Wine has been an enjoyment of mine for quite some time.  Besides 

the obvious, wine making has many of the attributes that capture my attention. I'm often drawn to pursuits that are challenging and require determination and grit to achieve the goal.  A "must have" trait for success is a heart with passion to continue on the chosen path. Brad McLeroy, winemaker at Ayres, exhibits those characteristics.

Brad and his wife Kathleen are the owners of Ayres Vineyard and Winery outside of Newberg Oregon.  They planted Pinot vines in 2001.  A while back I went to a tasting of Brad's Ribbon Ridge AVA Pinot Noirs.  Brad usually is the person serving his guests, which means you will be treated to hearing

about the history of Ayres and learn from the winemaker.  You should call for a tasting appointment to experience AYRES.

Brad's "No Look" Pour

Since I'm a photographer, it's not surprising that I asked Brad if I could take his photograph.  So, I took a couple photos and had

another taste of my favorite, "Pioneer", and thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot of Ayres.  A couple weeks later I proposed the idea to Kathleen of a harvest shoot from bud break to bottling.  She said, "Let's do it"...and we did!

The photos below are the result of the 2018 AYRES Vineyard and Winery Harvest.

I loved it!

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